The Terroir of Chocolate

Updated: Mar 10

The Art of Tasting Craft Chocolate

posted by :: Jenn from Moksha Chocolate

Craft chocolate tastings are the perfect place to explore the terroir and bean origins of Bean-to-Bar chocolate.

Each Valentine’s Day, Moksha puts on a tasting where guests enjoy a fun interactive tasting of craft chocolate from different parts of the world. We handcraft four different chocolates from single-origin cacao beans from 4 countries and pair it with a distinct hand-crafted cocktail to bring out the nuances of the chocolate.

Most people think of wine when they hear the word “terroir.” The terroir of the wine is used to describe quality that brings together genetics of the grape, location, and human intervention to evoke a sense of place. Terroir can also be used to describe craft chocolate.

From the genetics of the cacao bean, to the growing conditions of the cacao (soil, climate, topography), to the time spent fermenting and drying, every cacao harvest is different.

Similar to a winemaker, it is then up to the chocolate maker to highlight the nuanced flavors of the cacao.

The art of tasting craft chocolate is also similar to tasting fine wine. A little goes a long way (although we suggest you never spit out chocolate.)

First, smell the chocolate before putting it in your mouth. Follow any memories the smell invokes and whether that be a specific flavor or memory. Our memories are connected to taste and smell.

Next, break the chocolate with a snapping motion, taking note if it is a good snap. This will indicate that the chocolate is well tempered. Now is time for the best part. Put that piece of chocolate in your mouth and let it melt on all corners of your tongue.

Lastly, note the finish. The finish refers to the flavor that lingers in your mouth and how long it lasts!

How did our guests do this past Valentine's Day? Here are some of the tasting notes from

the night.

Cacao-Oko Caribe (72%).

Variety: Trinitario

Aroma: sweet with red fruit & strong earthy undertones;

Melt & Snap: very hard melt & very strong snap.

Flavor: mango, honey red grapes

Finish: short & slight tannins.

Cacao-Camino Verde Ecuador 80%

Variety: Neo National

Aroma: weak notes of cocoa & light fruits. Melt & Snap: hard melt & hard snap. Flavor: honey, fudge, marshmallow, cashew, coffee

Finish: long

Cacao-Criollo- Shanao Cacao

Melt & Snap: good melt & good snap. Flavor: sweet, then woody tannins & a creamy melt into cocoa; the fruitiness never really turns up.

Aroma: sweet apricot & butter caramel, with spicy undertones. Melt & Snap: beautiful melt & strong snap. Flavor: red fruits, fig, tobacco

Cacao-Maya Mountain Cacao

Variety: Trinitario Criollo

Aroma: dried figs

Melt & Snap: hard snap

Flavor: dried fruit, red berries, milk chocolate

Finish: long finish.

To conclude, craft chocolate tastings are not only an insightful and delightful experience in the world of artisan chocolate… but a way to connect and bring people together through the love and powerful taste of all things amazing.

Huge thank you to all of our guests for their engagement, and J&L Distilling , for the remarkable pairing. More Moksha tastings to come!


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