Where does our Full-Spectrum CBD Oil come from?









RYTE Extracts - Honest and clear from farm to final product. 


Grown on our farm

Our plants are sun-grown overlooking the Rocky Mountains and planted in soil

that is free of heavy metals and pesticides.


Our most beautiful colas were carefully selected to ensure our end products

are unrivaled in purity and quality.

Naturally-cured on drying racks

Like aging a fine wine, our hemp was slowly cured on 80,000 square feet of custom drying racks in order to preserve maximum plant potency and flavor.


The cleanest extraction method on the market to produce a full-spectrum oil packed with cannabinoids.

Precision Distillation Equipment

When higher potency is desired, we utilize precision distillation equipment to refine our oil into a smooth, ultra-pure distillate.

Solvent-Free Products

We offer a range of products that do not use any solvents like ethanol to produce so these products do not contain any residual solvents and never touched anything unnatural.


Third-party lab tested

Our products are tested every step of the way and have passed stringent testing for heavy metals, pesticides, microbials, and potency.


Moksha has merged with RYTE Brands to bring you the best in CBD sourced from Colorado. RYTE is a vertically-integrated hemp and CBD company obsessed with quality and transparency. "We are passionate about pursuing high-growth while delivering the most premium and innovative products on the market." RYTE Brands

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